Be active, be creative

Be active, be creative

The project “Be active, be creative” will be realized in Craiova, Romania from the 12’th to the 19’th of September 2011, being a multilateral youth exchange that will bring together groups from Romania, Italy, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Bulgaria.
This project will involve 35 people, aged between 18 and 25 years, 4 youngsters + 1 leader from each country, fulfilling gender balance condition.

We decided to meet a total of 35 youngsters to represent through creativity and entrepreneurship topics regarding social exclusion, discrimination, gender equality, xenophobia and racism.
The main theme of the project will be realising a public action against discrimination and pro european awareness implemented through volunteering.

We will organize workshops, role play, outdoor activities, ice breaking games, round tables, in order to build a team with our participants.
Informal learning is desired for the participants to acquire new skills, contributing to their personal development.

We want to promote active and European citizenship among youngsters and persons who are not familiar with the Youth in Action programme. In order to do this, we planned to organise a “Street action” that will involve all the participants and will expose a youth blast of changing the world. We want to draw attention to the discrimination of minorities and to underline the importance of volunteering.

We will make our own “Street Action”, in our own style, but we will try to involve each country specific issues based on the participants proposals.
In our opinion, this project will improve the racial and religious respect. By the youngsters active participation in the project “Be active, be creative” we expect awareness of the social and cultural reality.